AA Meetings

AA meetings take a variety of forms depending upon the wishes of the group members. Some last an hour and others last up to an hour and a half. Many meetings are in the evening but daytime meetings are also common. Refreshments are usually served before meetings. All meetings are run by AA members and are self-supporting through the contributions of the group members.

Primarily they come in two forms, open and closed meetings. Closed meetings are for alcoholics only whereas open meetings are, as the name suggests, open to anyone who may wish to attend. They may be partners, friends or family of a member or people who may have a professional interest in AA such as doctors, spiritual leaders and social workers.

In either of these meeting types the AA message may be discussed and presented in a variety of ways. Some meetings read portions of AA literature, often about the Twelve Steps of AA, and then discuss the topics this raises or share their experience with the AA program of recovery. Others have a speaker or ‘chair’ who will speak for a while about what their life was like before recovery, how they recovered and what their life is like now. Members are then often invited to share also. Members and visitors can choose to participate or not.

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