Who Me?

To help you decide whether you might have a problem with your drinking, we're going to ask you some questions. The answers are nobody's business but your own. If you can answer yes to any one of these questions, maybe it's time you took a serious look at what your drinking might be doing to you.  

Have you ever tried to give up or stop drinking but only managed to last a few days? 

Have you ever had a loss of memory because of your drinking?

Have you ever tried switching from one kind of drink to another in an effort to control your drinking?

Do you often want to continue drinking after your friends say they have had enough?

Do you hide alcohol or drink in secret?

When drinking with other people do you try to have a few extra drinks which they don't know about?

Do you crave alcohol, and have a sense of relief once you have had a drink?

Have you ever tried to stop your drinking and been unsuccessful?

After drinking have you ever felt remorseful and made a resolution not to drink again? 

Do you drink to make you feel normal?

Have you ever tried to control your drinking?

Do you get to the point where you forget or don't care about the negative consequences of drinking, or think 'this time it will be different'?